Pedestrian counter for occupancy monitoring in retail stores, supermarkets and public spaces.

BEA’s LZR-SIGMA utilizes highly precise, LASER-based technology that counts shoppers entering and exiting the store. With our online occupancy dashboard, you can easily set maximum occupancy thresholds and review count data.

SIGMA laser technology

Independent of light variations and weather conditions, the SIGMA’s laser time-of-light technology guarantees an accurate counting system, whatever the environment.

High precision, autonomous and a lot more

SIGMA provides better data wherever you need it. Inside, outside, even in extreme weather conditions. Discover the advantages of a precise technology in all the situations.

  • High precision

    A 250-dot detection field accurately, and anonymously, detects adults and children, whether in groups or individually.

  • Day or Night, Light or Dark

    Time-of-Flight technology works regardless of time-of-day conditions. The SIGMA operates independently of lighting conditions for accurate counting, 24/7.

  • Indoor/outdoor installation

    Even in extreme weather (rain, fog, snow) the laser technology performance remains completely stable. The SIGMA is IP53 rated to ensure performance in indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Autonomous connectivity

    Delivered with a cloud-based connectivity, the people counter can be completely independent from a local network and its cabling and system constraints.

Mount It anywhere

Our solutions fits into any building environment. Three different mounting accessories create a flexible solution that can be placed on/in ceilings, on walls, near doors or anywhere accurate counting is needed.

  • Wall mounted

    above a door

  • Ceiling mounted

    integrated in your ceiling

  • Surface mounted

    the classic way to place it

Easy setup
with our mobile app

Open the box, plug in the sensor, scan the QR code with the BEA SIGMA device installer app and begin. The application seamlessly guides you through the installation process. You can precisely define the counting field and pair devices to cover a large area at once.

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  • Connect the SIGMA with your smartphone

  • The SIGMA automatically learns the height and counting area

  • Multiple devices can be paired to work as a single counting area

  • Take a picture of the installation for future reference

  • Conduct a manual counting proof on-site to ensure accuracy

Your device manager

Our online management tool allows you to activate, deactivate and manage devices, securely and effectively. The data can be integrated into analytics tools and tailored to fit your customers’ needs.

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Manage your sensors

Identify installed sensors by locations, clients or installers

Manage your sensors

Change a device’s counting area right from your desktop

Manage your sensors

Conduct counting tests with the SIGMA’s integrated camera

Data transfer

Define your protocol of data transfer and refresh rate before exporting in preferred your file format

Software update

Your portfolio of sensors can be updated Over the Air (OTA) in just one click

Manage your sensors6

Change device’s countring area from your desktop6

Manage your sensors7

Change device’s countring area from your desktop7


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